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Special thanks to Paul Latrine for helping propel American Road Cycling to International prominence.

American Road Cycling: the fastest slowing road cycling advocacy group in the U.S.

HEADLINE NEWS: The #1 Name in American Road Cycling
(American Road Cycling) forced to donate $200 to OCBC.

The above headline held over indefinitely, because it looks so good appearing as the #1 search return for American Road Cycling at MSN. If you happened here by such a search, you'd probably rather be at: NORTH AMERICAN ELITE ROAD CYCLING.

 SlingShot Countdown Timer: 193.8  [re: < 180 by first Spring Century]


Check out SEARCH MSN and SEARCH GOOGLE, then read SLINGSHOT CENSORED AGAIN! This notice will remain here for the next week in order to give everybody a fair chance at being horrified by the article.


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Post Post-Season
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  SlingShot speaks with Iron Mike Norton, Nationally ranked bike racer
Dr. Art speaks with Iron Mike Norton, Nationally ranked bike racer
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Coming Soon

     * American Road Cycling Dog Hill Prime Trophy Award
     * American Road Cycling
Easy Interactive Ride/Tour/Race publication.
     * Feature article with photos of the Donohue American Road Cycling Museum
     * American Road Cycling
added one more time here to pump up Search Engine Returns
The Bicycle Doctor seems to be suffering in the Google search department, so we need to place a reference to Rich Cruet on this page, plus a link to The Bicycle Doctor, Rich Cruets, complimentary ad.

     * American Road Cycling expos of The Hudson River Museum & Gallery Guide.

A horrid story of censorship and cultural bigotry by a startup art mag and its wannabe-artists publishing staff. A second page has recently been posted to check out search engine handling of The Hudson River Museum & Gallery Guide. We are making every effort to insure that people who need this information about The Hudson River Museum & Gallery Guide will find this information, American Road Cycling is publishing two pages with similar content. In case search engine robots miss the first page which includes extra search criteria for this The Hudson River Guide, a second page with slightly different content for the The Hudson River Museum & Gallery Guide will be readily available. As soon as the robots find and archive these linked pages, mention of them on this page will be restricted. Thank you for understanding.

In the Meantime

Wanted Bonked or Alive

SENTENCE: Complimentary Membership to Best Clients
PUNISHMENT: The True Testimonials (Unauthorized)
CASTIGATION: Road Rash Comics #6 | 10 | 11 | 12 |
FOLLOW-UP: Descent Du Paul

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Consider hooked and dangerous
Never approach on a hill
(for the easiest 3 seconds of your life)
Drop at will!!

We're thinking Signature Psychos might be more apt.


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