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15 Easy Pieces
Dr. Art
interviews the fast and the furious


Iron Mike Norton


 1) If you could obtain any road bike, in pristine condition, from any year, which would you choose? Concord light w/ Campy C-Record in the PDM color. My 2005 Ottrott sitting at Paul's til I get under 180.
 2) In your opinion, which team had the coolest jersey in all the years you have followed the sport? Team Z Team Fugett. I have the coolest jersey. It's got bones and stuff. Actually, I've got 7 of them.
 3) Who is your favorite non-cycling athlete? Derek Jeter That's a trick question. There are no non-cycling athletes.
 4) Name your favorite television series of all time. The Simpson’s Pinky Lee
 5) What was the single greatest race you ever saw? (Year and result if you recall) 1992, Tour Dupont in the Pocono's, got to see Lemond! On tape: 1993, world champs: Armstrong of course! Sussex 2004, when the Black Widow won the 3,4,5's in absentia—one hour after she drove home.
 6) Of the four major sports: basketball, baseball, football, and hockey, which do you enjoy the least? basketball Whichever one is in season. Otherwise the so called sports, NASCAR and golf.
 7) If your home was on fire and you only had time to grab one personal possession, which would you take? my pictures Same answer as Mike, my porno.
 8) What is your favorite road saddle? Sella Marco Connor Light.  For looks: Sella Marco Regal w/ the awesome rivet’s on the back. Let me look. Sorry, I can't get my head far enough up there to read the logo.
 9) Who in your opinion is the greatest athlete of all time? Eric Heiden That woman who won the Women's Tour de France, what's her name...? Well, at least I've got pictures of her.
10) Will Lance contest the Tour de France in 2006? No You can't catch me on this one. I've already lost $20 betting against Lance. I'm just hoping he'll race one more time before 09/05/06, so Mary Ellen doesn't take my money again.
11) Name your favorite inspirational movie? Rudy Reefer Madness
12) If you could ride with any cyclist for an afternoon, who would you select? Johan Museeuw


I have never been able to ride with any cyclist more than a few minutes.
13) Name a food you love to eat but have to avoid in any significant quantity during racing season. Pizza!! Carbs, Protein, and especially Fat!!
14) Tyler Hamilton, is he falsely accused of any wrong-doing? No Yes, he was falsely accused of wrong-doing. Well, of course he did it, but who gives a flying fuck? And who says it's wrong? I mean, we've all got enough trouble just trying to get Iron Mike to wear his helmet!
15) Mountain biking ______________________. (Fill in the blank, e.g. “blows”, or “is cool”, or “sucks buffalo bagels”… whatever you feel is appropriate, use your imagination.) ANSWER PENDING Mountain biking  is so easy even Dan Buckley can  do it  .

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