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Bring Lance home NOW!
(Before I lose another $10 bet when he wins the Tour de France again.)

Also, somebody please tell Bob Roll there is no Ter DAY France.
He must be hitting those Freedom Fries too hard.

Editor's Note: Ok, so I lost another ten dollars on the 7th win. I'm just going to bet another ten that Lance can't make himself quit. Really, how many times have you been in the parking lot before a ride and heard everybody moaning about their aches and pains, and how they are "going to go easy today"? Then the ride begins, and soon afterwards the pace is way up with nobody giving an inch. Could Lance really be that different from the rest of us? Someday a ride will start, he'll decide it couldn't hurt to go out easy with the rest of the riders, then pop...the race will be on. He ain't quitting, he's just talking.


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