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Presidential Photo Op

In an e-mail dated 4/19/05 American Road Cycling Board Member Lynn Meyer writes:

Hi Bob : )

Great idea, putting links into the stories so we can all see the Black Widow, Nuclear Dan, and the other usual suspects.

How about a photo of the editor?

I suggest you wear your John Wayne Gacy jersey for the photo shoot—you look mahvelous in it.


Since Board Member requests must always be dutifully complied with, you may see the posted photo by clicking the button below, but first, please be aware that this photo is graphic in nature and for:

After reviewing the photo, Lynn follows up with:

Dear Bobby Bones,

Mary wasn't DID lose a lot of weight! But I can see you
haven't lost any of your charm. Your new physique is beyond
is downright ethereal. You should fly up those climbs now.

Twin Lynn

Inspiring words. Unfortunately Mary and I went out with Dr. Art today, at which time I got dropped leaving my own parking lot, then proceeded to bonk my bones real quick like.


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