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Members Mail Answered

Date:      07/16/2006
LW, Kingston, NY
Subject: Funny Site

Original Submittal:

Bob, this site is too unbelievably funny!!!!! It had me laughing out loud!! P.S., I did not realize I was already in the membership lists (hysterical) - how did I get the nickname "Angel"?



American Road Cycling Response:

> Bob, this site is too unbelievably funny!!!!! 
> It had me laughing out loud!! 

Thanks for the kind words. It all started as a goof on Paul to show him how he shouldn’t worry too much about what people say about him online, given how quickly something can be put together (by anyone) which looks like something it is not. The first page had only Paul’s picture as a wanted poster, which is now at the bottom of an archived home page:

I set up the ARC site (in a few hours), then sent Paul e-mail saying, “Have you ever seen”

Within a week ARC was a functioning web site, so it also illustrated how to put together a web site using “light structures,” which is my term for very fast, very flexible, and very basic html, mostly using MS FrontPage. All content and function, nothing fancy. It was sure to be another useless web site on my part, but ironically it turned out to be an actual success, because three people have seen it. Otherwise, Paul never really "got it," because his new site is still way too slow and cumbersome. Kind of pretty, though.

> P.S., I did not realize I was already in the membership
> lists (hysterical)

I had put together a database of Paul’s clients for him, so I just dumped his list into the ARC membership database. Then, each day, I started pasting new names from another one of my databases (not Mary's); so, in case they took a look at the site, the Taliban would see the membership growing by leaps and bounds. Then I started calling the Taliban “merely a local club.”

So that's another cautionary tale in how easy it is to make something on the Internet appear to be something that it is not, but it is not much fun anymore, because the local club has had a regime change and things are being handled reasonably, plus my tracking shows most of them now read and enjoy American Road Cycling anyway.

> - how did I get the nickname "Angel"? 
> ~Lauren

Ask Michelle about the Angel name. She can explain it better, but…

From our side, it happened when Mary was trying to describe you as the new, very fast rider (Empire Games Gold Medalist) who had shown up at the first ride you guy’s did with us from Paul’s. I think it was Liz to whom she was saying, “…she's tiny, very strong, fast, big mane of hair, she looks like, like a...well, like…”

“AN ANGEL!” I sputtered, and it stuck like a lugie. Paul would always call Mary and say, “I heard from The Angel,” or “The Angel is supposed to come for a ride.” Or he’d harass me with, “Needer, needer, needer...I got to see The Angel today.”

Of course that was all before Michelle became a contender, so now there’s not much difference between the two of you. However, it is still a really good thing that you have been upgraded to Lugie, because if Paul or I ever called you The Angel just one more time, Mary was going to tack both our hides up in her museum room.

Like I said, Michelle will be able to explain it better. Even without being previously privy, she understands innately, at least for as long as you two remain newlyweds…which looks like forever, in light of the 10 years and counting.

Say hi to Schmoopie for me, and ask how her book is coming along. -b


Editor's Note: Actually there are two very serious articles on the ARC site, aside from the recounting of the SPIN BITCH censorship there is the shocking article about the censorship by the HUDSON RIVER MUSEUM & GALLERY GUIDE: an exposé of bigotry and political correctness in the arts. Also that thing about the Town of Chester Planning Board is way too true to be believed, but you can look that up yourself.



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