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Members Mail Answered

Date:      07/01/2005
Frank Guarnuccio
Subject: Follow-up to "The Smokin' Turd" query

Original Submittal:

You're a RIOT!!


> You're a RIOT!!

And yesterday Anti-D was on the American Road Cycling sanctioned Thursday ride, last one before Paul goes to race that World's Biggest Free Start Race on one of the Stages during the Tour de France. I would link to a mention about it, but the lad is too busy to keep his web site up to date.

Now I understand the Guarnuccio connection, along with why you kicked my ass so bad on Iron Forge. I always thought it was sort of by accident. Now I know it was well planned.

From Anthony, "Oh, Frank. Yeah, I've known Frank for years. We used to ride our mountain bikes in Harriman every week."

You should have seen Paul's face after he asked, "Oh, you're the one from that article? Did you really stop to puke?" And Anthony said, "Well, the first few times I stopped...when stuff was coming up. But then I got the dry heaves, so I decided there wasn't any reason to stop if nothing was coming up. I just kept riding and puking."

After that, Paul spent a lot of time at the back with me, giggling and saying such things as, "We can spend the day reciting Chuckie Lore."

After Paul, Mary, and Ken broke off to go do Perkins, me 'n An-tny took his "flat" route home. Later I drove it with Mary, and she said, "Shit! This is much worse than what we did!"

I got snookered again, because I figured Tony's knee surgery last week might slow him down a little, plus he let us drop him a couple times earlier.

Fuckin' Anthony.

At one point he pointed out the scene of one of his car catchings, the one where the car knocked him under the guard rail and broke both his shins, etc. I thought, "Maybe I'll just push you out in front of a car right now, then I can phone a taxi and go home."

Thank goodness there were lots of road-kill snakes (and one live baby snake we shoed off the road), so we could stop and decide, "Copperhead, or not?" That allowed me to get in some breaks.

Fuckin' Anthony. -b


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