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Members Mail Answered

Date:      11/09/2005
Terry Bowden
Subject: Recognition

Original Submittal (this from the comments field of a membership form):

Thanks for the little "blurb" regarding last Saturday's "A" ride. Pretty impressive of you to be able to recognize me on the street as the guy who was way out in front of the group..Thanks!! Terry Bowden



Nothin' to it Terry.

Actually it was simple math, similar to one and one making two. Actually it was more like nothin' from nothin' leaves nothin'.

I didn't know who the rider was way the fuck out in front of Lynn and her losers. Then I didn't know who you were, when we started chatting about cycling just outside our studio door a little while later. So, with "zero" other possibilities, you had to be the person kicking the A's asses.

No thanks needed, but thank YOU for submitting the membership form and for putting in your 2 to receive your lifetime membership in American Road Cycling.

You have allowed me to increment the number of the Membership mentioned on the home page back up to 726, one day after I had to remove one name pursuant to our last received query:

i'm not sure why i'm on this database.... i like bikes but i don't own one. just curious --- how did i end up on this list?

J.O. from New Paltz

Thanks for helping me keep those numbers up.



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