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Members Mail Answered

Date:      08/25/2005
Nuclear Dan
Subject: Average Performance

Original Submittal:

Hi Bob:

That average speed stuff was some crap. I felt as if you slapped me in the face. I told you on Tuesday to stay away from that old, 1967, stash of LSD you found in the basement. Please exit Xanadu and return to my side of the looking glass.

I know it was a revelation for you when you figured out time = speed. I have one thing to say about that.


I guess I must explain in writing, what you can’t seem to grasp in conversation. For the 600th time here goes. All my training is based on TIME spent in heart rate zones. This means that I must spend a predetermined amount of TIME per week in each of the 5 training zones.

After each ride or run, I deduct the amount of TIME spent in each zone from my predetermined week's total. This way I know how to plan the balance of my workouts for the week. (Duration and intensity.)

I know this is hard for you to grasp, being your idea of training is taking the AMTRAK to Boston. And no, fartlek isn’t something you do to Jimmy as he climbs a hill.

Yes, I do care what my avg. speed is on occasion. Especially Saturdays, but the reason I check my TIME after every ride is to start the process of breaking it down by TIME in zone. By doing so, I can determine if my weekly goals have been met and plan the balance of the week’s workouts.

If I wanted to know how fast I went I would look at avg. speed. If I wanted to have a “GOOD” avg. speed I would do the ride with the intention of obtaining just that. But in the methodology of my training program, avg. speed is irrelevant except when determining your fitness level on a month-to-month basis. What is important, is TIME spent in each zone.

This is based on the book “SERIOUS Training for the Endurance
Athlete” Second Edition By Rob Sleamaker and Ray Browning. That’s funny, nothing in the book about how far or how fast to go. I guess you get fast when you do proper heart rate training. But you wouldn’t know anything about that.

I hope I don’t have to explain this to you again.

Please Print this and tape it to the fridge.
---------CUT HERE------------




Oh, that explains it. We thought Dan was cheating, but turns out he really just hasn't got a clue.

He has once again completely missed the simple concept that all calculations are inevitably tied to average speed. Heart rate follows effort (not the other way round), and thus heart rate is inexorably tied to one's average land speed—which everybody's trip computer gives as a moment by moment accounting without the necessity of checking astrologic charts while designing extensive computer models of ride routes in order to decide how one is doing.

Most people like to know how they are doing NOW, not how they did yesterday.

Otherwise, the quoted Sleamaker and Browning do seem to have an interesting take on how best to waste one's time. Though I still don't understand why anybody would have to write a whole book about wasting time, what with the Internet now performing that duty quite well for all of us.

Dan also has obviously not been able to get within a hundred meters of Jimmy for some time, if he believes fartlek is anything other than what one MUST do around Jim.

Actually Dan suggested the ditching my drugs two (2) Tuesdays ago. He must have forgotten how, by this last Tuesday, he had gotten so scared of Brand New Bruce giving him the sound thrashing he deserves, that he had to take off 16 minutes early in order to avoid riding with him. When Bruce finally caught Dan (just in time for Dan to quit and go home), I'll bet Bruce's heart rate hadn't even gotten out of Zone 1...and Bruce probably doesn't even know what a HR Zone is!

If Dan would just stop thinking so much and ride, he might be able to stay with the Big Boys on Saturday.

In any case, I am not about to give up a perfectly good stash of vintage Lysergic Acid. Still, I will print Dan's note in pretty colors and post it on my fridge. It'll be fun to watch. I'll just have to move the lava lamp out of the ice maker slot first.


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