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Privacy Policy

This page states the American Road Cycling privacy policy.

Information that you provide to American Road Cycling is not given or sold to other services, databases or businesses for any use whatsoever, certainly not for generalized mailings and spam.

All Contact Information is gathered only as validation that those who are listed as MEMBERS actually do exist, and they are counted only once the listing.

The startup list of members was grabbed whole cloth from a significant database that has nothing to do with cycling, but since then submittals are reviewed by hand to assure probable truthfulness.

If you receive e-mail from anybody pretending to be American Road Cycling, or find that anybody has used your Contact Information inappropriately, please submit a QUERY FORM to report the abuse.

We would publish an e-mail address for reporting abuse, but we hate spam as much as you do and never want our inbox to get in the way of our rides out.

this page last updated: 02/01/2015 10:38:45 PM

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