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04/01/2009 - Check before showing up. Mostly historic interest only.
Rides now posted via e-mail or

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Sunday Kain

Contact Info   Ride Info
  Ride Leader: Basic
  Status: Go 
  Email: getreal@dotnot    Date: Weekly 
  Phone: (999) DonBother    Day: Sun 
        Start Time: 12:00 AM 
  State: NY    Level: All 
  County: Orange    Miles: 7 tenths of 1 
  Country: USA       
  Organization: Big Bang Fallout       
  Web Site: Click for website.
Notes: Any place, any time. Well, ok only on Kain.  
Desc: You can't do it, so don't try.  
Directions: FROM NOWHERE: get off your high horse, then cycle back around to reality.  

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