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04/01/2009 - Check before showing up. Mostly historic interest only.
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The Rump

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  Ride Leader: SlingShot    Status: Alt 
  Email:     Date: Weekly 
  Phone:     Day: Sat 
        Start Time: 08:30 AM 
  State: NY    Level: AA 
  County: Orange    Miles: 35.6 
  Country: USA       
  Organization: ARC       
  Web Site:
Notes: Good to go.  
Desc: The difficulty of this bizarro Hump is mitigated by the slow pace. Also, your wondering eyes will gaze upon the fantastic vision of The Hump's front group fighting amongst themselves going the other direction. They are generally encountered just after they've passed the camel farm. But you will be sheilded from the agony of their ride, because you are going in the opposite direction. Think of it as a trip to the zoo, where you ride above the jungle cats sheltered safe in your little monorail car. This is one of the world's greatest cycling tourist attractions. The attached cue sheet is for The Hump, so just follow it backwards. Expect 6-7 mph average, unless somebody thinks they can pull slower than SlingShot. Then that person will take over the ride. But don't be fooled. These will be "quality" miles, otherwise State Law prohibits advertising it as a "AA" ride, which SlingShot is compelled by birthright to continue doing.  

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