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04/01/2009 - Check before showing up. Mostly historic interest only.
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  Ride Leader: Nuclear Dan    Status: Go 
  Email:    Date: 8/14/2007 
  Phone: (201) 832-1535    Day: Tue 
        Start Time: 03:30 PM 
  State: NY    Level: AA 
  County: Orange    Miles: 24-36-40 
  Country: USA       
  Organization: ARC       
  Web Site: Click for website.
Notes: Looks like "Go" this week. Everybody will be tapering for The Tour de Goshen. The 40 mile loop with Long Meadow to Sloatsburg and back up Seven Lakes planned.  
Desc: Short loop: Up 106 into the park (3 mile climb), then the Race Course including Tiorati Brook Road (lots of climbing), continues around and back down 106 to the parking lot. The extra climb up 106 and around past the church after the first circle is always an option. Long loop: Up Warwick Tpk to Long Meadow, down to Sloatsburg, up 7 Lakes (4 mile climb), the race course back to 106, including Tiorati Brook Road (lots of climbing), back down to the parking lot. The 40 mile does the Short loop first, then does the Sloatsburg section backwards with maybe a diversion over past the Church just off 106 circling back to Lake Welch. Somebody aught to make some cue sheets.  
Directions: The parking lot East of the intersection of 106 (17A) and 17, just after the bridge of 17. From the junction of Rte. 17 & 17A, take 17A (106) east approx .1 mile over 17. There is a park sign (Ramapo River Access) pointing down to the left for the parking lot. Ignore the right directional signal, and park to the left at the bottom. Better directions will be posted when SlingShot returns from Florida, or Dan gets out his old Nuclear Sub maps and dopes it out.  

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