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Photo of the Day

- Twin George Meyer (soon to be Late George Meyer)

Hi there, Georgie! Let's see how you like the taste of your little camera!
Photo © 2005 George Meyer

Hover your pointer over the right-most corner of Mary's mouth, closest to the telephone pole.

2 Stock Tips!

#1) Grab every cent you can get your hands on, and buy Turtle Neck stocks...and do it quick, before the vast Black Widow art fortune is cashed in to buy up all available turtle neck sweaters, blouses, jerseys, and bras. Maybe there's a combination turtle neck/botox mutual fund out there.

#2) Well, actually...number 2 isn't really a stock tip. But it's a real good tip anyway. Here it is: If you ever have George Meyer by the neck, FINISH THE JOB!


Editor's Note: After a long and arduous year of SlingShot flinching when hearing such things as, "I just looked in the mirror and saw Keith Richards staring back at me," while working overtime to build up the Widow's confidence, George Meyer has single handedly put the clock back several years...well, not for the Widow of course. The submittal of the above photo has put George at the top of the list for consideration of an American Road Cycling desk job.

The Blackster states, "No wonder Lynn used to kick the shit out of George on a daily basis!"

Mr. Latrine has taken umbrage at SlingShot's audacity in publishing such a photo of SlingShot's own lovely wife. Apparently Paul's thought process went something like this, "If he'd publish that photo, can my fat ass be far behind?"

Yes Paul, it can. Very, very far behind.


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