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Recently American Road Cycling received a mass e-mail from somebody who should know better, especially given the fact that American Road Cycling has, on many more than one occasion, requested to be omitted from such mailings. 

Although clever photos of a self serving nature may have been submitted which may have otherwise been of interest to everybody reading the American Road Cycling web site, as soon as American Road Cycling saw that the mailing was a "broadcast" which carried with it the American Road Cycling e-mail address in a "send list" of the type that can be harvested by anybody else on the list, or anybody else that anybody else on the list happens to forward the offending e-mail to, or anybody else who is anybody else, or anybody else who is not even anybody else but merely a robot, and not to mention that the e-mail was followed in by other spam mail from sources that are probably using the publishing computer as a spamming zombie (assumed because it is typical to receive such spamming every time an e-mail comes from, or around, or near the offending address)...American Road Cycling simply deleted it.

Therefore, American Road Cycling cannot comment on the contents. We never even saw it.

That's how we do stuff around here. Get used to it.

Actually, no need to get used it...that's how we USED to do it. As of this moment the American Road Cycling web site has fulfilled its mission and will cease to function forthwith. Trash talk and wiretapping are one thing, spamming is quite another matter altogether.

Do you remember where you were when Seinfeld, Saint Elsewhere, Taxi, Cheers, WKRP, Larry Sanders, etc. went off the air? Do you remember the feeling you had when you turned the last page of the last great novel you read?

So quit whimpering you sniveling idiots. All novels end, and all things must pass, but there is always something new just over the horizon.

When reached for comment SlingShot said merely, "What web site?"


Editor's  Note: Eventually, SlingShot relented and restored the CHATTER BOX and MEMBERSHIP forms. He is basically a very a weak willed person. He'll try to shut this nonsense down again, as soon as he is able. In the meantime, he's all pumped into expanding THE RIDE CHOICE pages.

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