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Seth IS Such a Wanker
- FG 05/25/05

The following e-mail was sent to American Road Cycling, apparently due to the fact the Taliban running the local club newsletter refuses to print such complaints. Nobody we know even reads the newsletter, nor gives any of the goings on in that local club the slightest credence, so we can only guess what this all about.

Gee.. I seem to notice there are A LOT of articles/references in June's [local club newsletter] about MEMBERSHIPS. It seems that MEMBERSHIPS are a hot topic... I don't have the time to count, but would be curious to know just how many times the word MEMBERSHIP is used in June's newsletter! I'D RATHER PULL MY HAMSTRINGS OUT THROUGH MY NOSTRILS THAN TO HAVE TO HEAR ANY MORE ABOUT MEMBERSHIPS & THEIR BENEFITS!

sigh.... Seth is such a wanker.

...and furthermore, what's up with this "ID badge for your seat bag if you've paid your dues" crap? Next you'll have to submit to a retina scan to ride!


Editor's Comment: It appears there has been an attempt  by the local club to counter: 1) the easy availability of the American Road Cycling ID's, 2) our extremely competitive fee structure tied to our greater benefits, 3) our much larger membership list, 4) not to mention our FREE Ridgebury Prime Jersey's. Also the local club is probably annoyed by seeing what a Google search for "American Road Cycling" returns...and how fast that happened!

As the letter above alludes to, nobody in the real world has a clue what their local club fees are being used for, nor what those expenditures may be doing for them. That is probably why the local club is making such a big deal about "memberships" with their last gasp on their way out of existence.

American Road Cycling would like to mention the simple answer to this person's problem.

Just stop paying dues, and they will stop sending you that annoying newsletter—eventually. Since you have already submitted your American Road Cycling membership form, have tendered your fee, and have received your lifetime membership in American Road Cycling, you will never miss your local club's newsletter. You can always attend American Road Cycling sponsored events, some of which overlap the local club's own events.

Note: The local club's name has been censored above in accordance with American Road Cycling's policy of never mentioning that club by name, which matches that club's own black out regarding information about American Road Cycling. The author of the letter's name has been withheld pending a request to publish it. The author's name is also withheld in order to further exasperate the ire of the local club authorities, who are feverishly holding on to the mistaken belief that American Road Cycling is all just a joke. Seth's name has been allowed to remain, because nothing new or remarkable is being said about him.

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