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From the Cutting Room Floor
- Ken Olshansky

Sometimes a security breach lands an oddly interesting piece of information in the hands of American Road Cycling. Below is a testimonial that was brought to the attention of the very same cycling business referred to, but the comment was dropped unused to the cutting room floor. We assume this statement was originally posted in some chat room for the insanely free from having a life, in response to a question such as, "Yeah, but has anybody west of New Jersey even heard of the guy?"

Oh yes, word of Paul Latrine has gotten out here to the Midwest. We refer to him as "upcharge". That man sure can write a bill. If he had a company I could invest in, I would.


Omaha, Nebraska

American Road Cycling must of course refrain from divulging all the names involved, neither the source of the comment, nor the business in question, but the initials of the business are PL. If we had a nickel for every dollar Mr. PL has made on high-end bicycle sales, we would have enough to buy our next four bikes, and then some—all of us. American Road Cycling has also confirmed that "Warren" has finally been informed that this PL guy does in fact have a business which can be invested in, and in fact "Warren" will be receiving a brand new bike as a reward for his more than sizeable investment.

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