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Tolja not to look!


Vee haf our vays of making you look!

Lest we forget, and due to a mass public outcry of criticism, American Road Cycling has included the second defamatory image on the right. Apparently there are some groups of people who feel that if you don't fuck with them, you don't care about them. We apologize for the previous omission. Except now SlingShot is so pissed off at us, he won't even talk, so at least something good has come out of all this.


Editor's Note: Any resemblance of the characters above to a much beloved actual person created by Dr. (Artie) Art Donohue and peppered throughout his ROAD RASH comics, is purely coincidental. No dishonor to the legend, honor, and memory of SlingShot may be drawn or implied. Also, this image has been purposely stolen, so compensation for its use will not be paid.

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