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We got your athletes, right here!

Maybe if I just keep looking pretty, they won't attack on the first hill.
What? What?!
Nice friendly ride? Yeah, sure, hehehehe.
Wow, these people didn't sound so weird online. Maybe I should just call 911 right now.
Well, I did want to learn better cycling skills. I guess this would be the perfect moment to practice a running getaway mount.
Nice friendly ride? Yeah, sure, hehehehe.
Yes, I do think it will help. You'd just better hope I don't stretch out the other one.
I'm just a little Princess. Cranky is my maiden name.
Kick your a$$? Who said I wanted to kick your a$$? I'm just here for a nice friendly little ride. Look at me smile. Does it look like I want to kick your a$$? By the way, how many miles you got in this year? Doin' any sprint work? How ya' doin' on the hills? Huh? No, no...I'm just askin'.
Let him pull for awhile. He needs the workout.
Drink 'em if you got 'em.
Wait a minute. Didn't I just have a cue sheet in my hand... Cranky, now what've you gone an' done? Where'd you put it? Cranky? Cranky... Wait a minute. Is the ride over?
Been nice ridin' with you, SlingShot. See ya later.
What do these motorists want? It's not like we didn't leave one of the yellow lines open!
Look, the pain on these rides was getting to be too much, so I ran a fork-lift over my foot and broke some toes to give me something else to think about.
No, I did it before the ride, but a ride is a ride and not something to be missed.



All photos by: Mary Endico

Many more people were on the ride, but these photos
were chosen based on: Mary got lucky!


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