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SUNDAY 07/04/07
- 4th of July -

We got your athletes, right here!

Don't forget to rollover for text trashings.

Don't let Mary catch you making fun of her camera.
I can't even look at Grant.
Take my picture and you won't need another.
Trouble getting laid? No, never.
Whew... ok. And we haven't even left the garage yet.
Well, in the 4th Century BCE, I believe 301+ or so. During this century, the Eastern Church began singing the Gloria in excelsis in the Daily Offices. The hymn was originally written in Greek... huh, GRANT DID WHAT?
Hold up, Jim. We'll race!
Widder?... Jesus titty-fucking Christ!
I don't get it either, Miguel. I think they all must be retarded.
Really... to New Paltz?
That was great.
Great, only 70 miles. Finally, a rest day!


All photos by: Mary Endico
Except Grant & Jim's Banana'ings submitted by: Paul Latrine

Many more people were on the ride, but these photos
were chosen based on: Mary got lucky!
And a couple other people didn't.


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