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(no rollovers folks)

You are not going to believe this.

Of course, you know Humberto as Turtle Boy. And since he is Portuguese, we like to call him a greasy Mexican. It only makes sense. However, today we got a glimpse of the real Cavalheiro.

Humberto had a question about printing a couple images on a single page, so he sent us before and after photos of what he did to a wall.

Here are the photos.

before and after photos of something Humberto did


There was an issue about downloading and printing, so Humberto stopped by on his way to a nearby job... and that's when things got interesting, and when he eventually fucked up big-time.

While we were going over Copy/Paste issues (CTL-C, CTL-V), Humberto received a couple phone calls. We could hear the first person speaking Spanish, then the second one speaking Portuguese. Plus we were speaking English, and Humberto was speaking all three.

Humberto switched between languages like he was picking up eating utensils. A fork for this, a spoon for that, the knife when necessary. It also looks as if he has gotten real good with actual eating utensils too.

Then he fucked up.

greasy Mexican

We are not going to bother explaining how the photo above got so perfect. We would have to mention how precisely Humberto picks up cultures, languages, and jobs. Who even knew he did stonework?

There's also no need to waste effort trying to explain the photo, because you are probably an American (what people born in the U.S. like to call themselves), and you are unlikely to be proficient in English, let alone the subtleties of body language from even one other culture.

We thought Humberto is just fast on his bike. Turns out he's fast on everything.

Humberto pays the fuck attention... except (apparently) in cases involving a request that he should have a seat and put on some glasses.

Editor's Note: The total number of languages in which Humberto is fluent is a matter of conjecture. Most likely, he goes out of his way to save the feelings of people who know only one or two.

Also, in case you were wondering, the top photo is the before picture.

Follow-up: Dangerous Dan has reminded us that it has been a long time since we have been so insensitive as to call Humberto a greasy Mexican. We now use the more politically correct term of Portugrease-ican.


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