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Members Mail Answered

Date:      04/18/2006
Kevin Hetzel (Zirra)
Subject: Casting Ballot

Intercepted politically inflammatory e-mail response

Hi Kevin : )

> How was your ride last night?

I am not at liberty to report. We are working on Paul's Training Secret. It is all classified and shit.

> take Mary out on tues and wed maybe an early
> session on thursday and maybe then I can keep up.

Sounds like a great plan. I'll work on it. BTW: My own excuse for Thursday will be that I took Mary out on Tue, Wed, and an early ride Thur.

> I am not going to make it tonight.
[Harriman] I have to get
> home and vote- My local school board is attempting to raise
> taxes $80/$100,000 in house value so they can put Astroturf
> in the high school stadium- all the while cutting teachers
> and benefits.
> SO my civic duties trump my desire to get pulled up Tiorati.

Understood...we'll just mark you down as a pussy.

BTW: You might mention to somebody that teaching kids the real sport of cycling, instead of the pseudo sport of let's psych 'em up for foreign wars...rah, rah, rah, yeah team!, while doing it on already paid for and maintained roads, would not only be better for the kids' health, it would benefit the environment, move us a baby step away from oil dependence, reinforce the best use of roads is cycling, and allow left over money to pay teachers enough to keep them from bailing out on our future.

You might mention that...but of course, nobody's going to listen anyway.

In any case, we'll just mark you down as a pussy at tonight's ride.

- SlingShot


Editor's Note: We anxiously await Zirra's report on the outcome of the vote. American Road Cycling predicts (without even waiting for the polls to close) that the Astroturf is going to be going in no matter. Even if they drop the Astroturf issue, they'll cut teachers pay best they can anyway. After all, school boards and communities are run in the same way as that OCBC catastrophe, by people who struggle with rules, perceptions, and event mongering, not with realities. Remember, you heard it here first.



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