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Members Mail Answered

Date:      04/04/2006
Kevin Hetzel (Zirra)
Subject: Zirra + Garage = Wind Chime

Original Submittal:


Since playing the race card did not work in getting me out of pulling Mary's  lazy ass all over Jersey, I totalled my bike so I don't have to pull.

Total dumbass move: I drove into my garage with my bike happily perched on top the car.

We shall see what kind of magic Mr. Latrine can pull?



American Road Cycling Response:

Not to worry. First off, Mary wasn't going to show up for the Farmlands Flat Tour Century anyway. After all, somebody's got to stay home and make money to buy my bikes and computers.

Secondly, Mr. Latrine is just full of magic, and I'm sure he will be pulling on his magic wand when you phone him, so he will find it no trouble at all to quickly lift a new bike out his hat for purchase. I have an in, so I'll see if I can't talk him into it for you.

Almost an Excuse!


BTW: If this was a Calfee, Craig would replace it for free! Just ask Crazy Mike about the results of his Longest Day crash and broken fork. If it was a Guru, some drunken sot would throttle your neck for disrespecting the bike. If it was a Trek, it would still be custom fit for Lance.

BTBTW: Dan Buckley said we can still let you pull. Bring your tri bike.


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