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Members Mail Answered

Date:      04/03/2006
Nuclear Dan Buckley
Subject: race results

Original Submittal:

Hi Bob:

Here is the link to the Doo Wop Duathlon results.

Check out the ages of all the people in front of me and the next 20 or so behind. Not bad for an old man. I bet some of those young folks are pissed they got beat by a 50 year old. [See 33rd place:
Daniel Buckley]

The Odd Man MTB duathlon results are not yet posted.



American Road Cycling Response:

Well, that explains what happened on the Unionville Ride the day after the Doo Wop.

The Odd Man MTB duathlon you mention is the March 25th race you finished 2nd in your age group, and 37th overall. With this newest finish of 1st in you age group, and 33rd overall, a pattern is emerging which explains the pattern in my eyes toward the end of yesterday's Unionville Ride.

I guess it all began for me when I caught a straggler from the main group, and was real glad to see it was Brand New Bruce, so it wasn't just another rider I needed to pass in order to continue working my way back. I could just hang out!

Then at the top of that first little climb up to 284, you were circling and waiting for us. Apparently you had paced behind Chester Pete to the top, realized you could apply the big hammer to that ride at will, but it was time to get back on your training schedule. So you waited for me and Bruce.

That seemed to make Bruce happy, but of course he doesn't carry the nom Brand New because he's been around for awhile. What Bruce soon learned is that when Dan gets away from the group, where he instinctively rides very restrained and careful, he is then free to work on sprints, pace work, and all sorts of training elements which are often quite faster and more difficult than what is going on in the chaotic group where everyone is looking for their own little piece of the weekend ride pie.

Later when Bruce exclaimed, "Jeez, I couldn't believe it. You two were going 21 mph up hill, into the wind. I got dropped big time," it merely confirmed he had been, "Welcomed to the Land of Dan."

Good thing I never looked down at my trip computer. I'd have known I can't go that fast (Dan's wheel or not) and would have given up too.

In any case, soon after that we got off course and decided to just double back and do the end of the Hump to the Jolly Onion, then finish with the end of the "B" ride to pick up miles, because, "There are some nice little hill sprint areas, and we'll be out of the car traffic." That's where things only got worse.

As we were turning off Mt. Eve, long after my knee had given out, I noticed patterns in my eyes.

I was beginning to get the sparkling little crescent shaped blind  spots that used to come with migraine auras. Now it was in both eyes, so in effect Dan's little training exercise had made it so, "I was blind in one eye, and couldn't see out of the other." This is typical in the Land of Dan. Get used to it, Bruce.

Of course, I didn't mention the knee failure, nor the blind spots, because showing the slightest weakness or fear at that point could have proved fatal. I just started asking a lot of questions to slow the pace.

When we got back to the parking lot, Palletman was standing there, already changed out of his riding clothes, and worrying like a mother hen, anxiously awaiting the return of all the riders.

Nuclear Dan took off to get in a leisurely 6 mile run.

Later in the day the Black Widow and I ran into Don Snoop on his mountain bike over by Goosepond in Monroe, and he said he'd just come back from racing at Bethel, where he had seen Kevin Haley along with other Skylands riders, etc. That explains the easy pace of the Unionville ride which allowed Dan to come back and smack Bruce and me senseless blind for a couple hours.

I'll have to make a note to myself to tell Palletman that he must never worry about SlingShot at the end of ride. SlingShot is definitely going to be dropped at some point, sometimes happily off to himself, sometimes straight into the gaping maw of the likes of Dan Buckley. Major alterations to the approved ride are always very likely. Waiting around for him, or figuring out where he went, will just be an exercise in futility...which is probably the most exercise ever to be found around SlingShot.

Certainly there were others stragglers that Palletman needed to watch out for, but he need never worry about SlingShot. He's not even a member of the club.


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