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Members Mail Answered

Date:      03/13/2006
Big Bianchi
Poem exhibiting the utmost respect for SlingShot

Original Submittal:

      Ode To Slingshot

You make us laugh, you make us smile
But we all know you've never pulled for more than a mile

You say that you have been in Florida training and are ready to take on the Palletman
Sounds more like Mary must have hit you in the head with a mallet man

You don't stand a chance
Not even with Little Lance

So you might as well stay in Florida with the gators and toads
And all those hills that back here we just call roads

As for me and Mama Bianchi
We'll be waiting for you at the top of Ridgebury

Bring it on Slingshot President of the other bike club
Lord of the draft , Sultan of the slipstream


American Road Cycling Response:

Well, pretty good. This does point out two things. For one, the Chatter Box closes up all paragraph and line breaks. That's just a fact of life. Technically, that is because the Sql Server database doesn't know anything about HTML markup, nor does the C# ASP.NET translation to HTML understand much of what it finds in the Sql Server database, so get used to it. Bill Gates already has all your money and ain't about to fix it. Probably some people's browsers are breaking up the lines in their own anyway, despite SlingShot getting rid of the inner table and a block quote marker for this page. Well, that's why god made pdf.

SlingShot is also glad somebody pointed out the misconception that he is "President" of some other bike club. Actually, SlingShot is but one of the Presidents of a club in which each and every one of the membership assumes full responsibility for their own actions, and therefore the actions of the club itself. He has absolutely no respect whatsoever for clubs which can afford only one President, only to blame them for everything that happens to the club after they hire them.



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