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Members Mail Answered

Date:      03/14/2006
Anthony (Chuckie) Defeo
Primary Eradicated, enjoying significant weight loss

Original Submittal:

Hey Bob and Mary,

I figured it was time to update you on my condition.
First, after the doctors went back and redid the
pathology from my tonsillectomy they found the primary
tumor. It was in my left tonsil and was very small,
only 4 mm in its maximum span. Therefore it appears
the primary is gone :-). I finished my last radiation
treatment, my 32nd, last Tuesday March 7 and finished
the immunotherapy the Friday prior to that. It is
now wait and see time. It was a difficult time as I
developed some serious radiation burn from my chin to
my ears all along my jawbone and on the back of my
neck. I lost a lot of weight as I have been unable to
eat anything solid for the last three weeks. I am so
tired of chicken noodle soup and boost!!!! Today is
the first day that I have felt up to writing. I dream
of food and eating. I hope to feel up to doing more in
the near future. I hope all is well with both of you.



American Road Cycling Response:

Not a day goes by that I don't look at my own weight loss (which I have to "work" for, not like your panzy ass little, "I'm having chemo" bullshit), while I think about finally kicking your ass on Cascade Road, then Brady Mountain. Otherwise, I'm so glad to hear about that primary tumor being found that I posted Chuckie's Mission as a Future ride on American Road Cycling's RIDE CHOICE. Take care of those radiation burns. We'd hate to see you start looking weird.

Anybody else like to complain about having their tonsils out?



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