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Members Mail Answered

Date:      01/27/2006
John (Johnson) Mitchell
Subject: Re: Chatter Box

Original Submittal:

Hey b,

> In lieu of reply, how's about:
>   .....: ) -b

Heh, what a way to respond. I am with you 100%. It is well within your right to document, record and store any and all info posted by anyone that would piss away the time hitting your/my webpage, and/or leave any sort of documentation/email. I guess I am with Leno though with regards to the government getting all the best porn sites just because they ask for them, leaving the rest of us to search endless hours for the best porn sites. Should Google flip on us, and they surely will (the threat of Gitmo is not really a joking matter), I say they give all of us the "list", in the best interest of disclosure, what the hell.

If I worked for Google right now I would post the fucking file to all my sites and special email to O'reilly. Of course, I would not work for Google after that for sure, but I would still do it.

W can tap my phone at will—on the same day that I can tap his own. No harm no foul, no evil intent, no preconceived notions of guilt. Him and I will just listen to every word that each of us has to say, from now until we claim republican Alzheimer's, which can't be too far away at this juncture, now can it?

It is after all MY government isn't it? If it is my government, then I have the right to hear each and every word of it.

Of course, I would accept a certain amount of delay in it, we were soldiers after all, we do understand operational security, or lack thereof from what I have seen, the importance of it can't be overstated regardless.

Like, if you were a CIA operative, so outing you would possibly cause you to be detained and the US having to deny any knowledge of you. That would be a perfect case of something I would not need to know right away in real-time. That's something that could be disclosed later. Even a stupid soldier can understand what treason is. They taught us what we needed to know, so even the stupid soldier knows the payment due for treason.

On a lighter note, we did call payment due for that ringleader of the Abu Gharib scandal, the one that had all of 3 years service in the machine...the ladder of the law has no top and no bottom.

Even still, the wiretap saga is in full swing, and ...what?...hold up...wait. We have a sound bite from ...from Bin nice, what perfect timing. Guess what kids, Bin (protected) Laden is touting violence...heh. Perfect justification for continued wiretaps? ...and we found Sadamn just before......

Of course, W would draw exception to me tapping his phone though wouldn't he? Or reading his email, or lightly tapping his systems just to take a look see. Pretty much anything that my government can do to spy on you is illegal for me/you to do, but they have to hire you/me to do it for them, in which case it becomes legal for me/you to do it.

For all the bug/hack/virus writing kiddies in the world, your commander in chief (who is really not the commander in chief of us, we are civilians) has given us the okay, the beatings we surely will get, and the beatings will continue until morale improves.

I am not a big fan of history, except as it pertains to geography (hard to separate for some, history/geography), but I love maps and stuff, revolution is not unheard of from the maps I see of this region, it would just be a matter of history now.....:)

Post that Dick. -j


American Road Cycling Response:

Ok, but my name is Bob.


Editor's Note: This e-mail came from a former military man who may be forgiven for his apparent belief in conspiracies. Partly because he's from Ohio, but mostly because the last half-dozen years or so, he has known absolutely immediately the very moment SlingShot ever comes online, from anywhere whatsoever.

It's not too hard for SlingShot to know a little bit about the traffic on his own server, but this mother fucker can track SlingShot at will, and from any place in the world.

You hear that W. You got a problem with the law? Just stick this guy on a long forgotten Island that you've given up testing nukes from. Give him an Internet  connection, and stand back to watch the fireworks. You and he will not be above the law, you'll be outside it! Oh, that's right. I'm sure you've already done something like this. Never mind.

BTW: These ain't State's Secrets. Most of this stuff has been outsourced to third-world third graders for quite some time, plus SlingShot figured it out all on his own, and he's a barely functional retard. Ain't nothin' like broadband!

Here's a Starkmeister specific link.



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