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Members Mail Answered

Date:      09/23/2005
Grant Salter, Stinkature Silos
Subject: Response to

Original Submittal:

Grant says,

How the hell can the U.S. Department of Energy be so stupid and not include the Bicycle? Us cyclists all know that the bike is still the most efficient machine ever created. Hell, Bush even rides one after a McDonalds double cheeseburger and large DIET COKE, gotta burn those calories...or burn more CRISCO that is! For 6 years of college I rode my bike to work and school every day, but I never saw a tax break (f*#$ing goverment). But if I owned my own business selling shower curtain rings door to door while driving my Hummer, well, I'd get to write off every mile driven—all while eating McDonalds Oil For Food Burgers.

Damn I hate BUSH, then again sometimes I love it.



American Road Cycling had not noticed that the Bicycle was not listed by the U.S. DoE, because posting the link merely came from the first steps of research trying to figure out how to get rid of everything even remotely resembling fossil fuels in our lives. Plus, we've already got this cycling thing under control.

In any case, this horrid situation with big-ass storms taking out refineries, pipe lines, roadways, etc. while shooting gas prices through the roof (where they should have already been years ago), will give us all a chance to rethink the logic of living in a car most of the day. Maybe roadways pre-built to American Road Cycling specs (bike friendly) may be the only happy result of all this weather.

On the other hand, it is good to have an opportunity to publish  Grant's political and sexual orientations...though we truly believe neither.

BTW: In the interest of clarity, the American Road Cycling spell checker reports that the words "f*#$ing government" should be corrected to "fucking government." Grant's keyboard probably has an oil slick on it.


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