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Members Mail Answered

Date:      08/05/2005
Anonymous Bootlegger
Subject: Special Pre-release Photo from Inc. Magazine Interview

Paul, Grant, and the Marys as captured by the photographers
of Inc. Magazine at the end of Paul's interview 08/05/05

Notable Quotes from the Photo Shoot

"Wow. You've got some legs."

- Inc. Magazine photographer to Mary Ellen

"We have no problem with any of the asses in this room!"

- second Inc. Magazine photographer to all

"I'm so beautiful! Used to do Bantam Weight Chippendales, don' cha know?"

- Grant Salter to all

"Get your ass back into Jimmy Nails' cubby hole, and start putting together that next Ottrott."

- Paul Latrine to Grant

"Paul is now Officially too damn famous. He's been interviewed by every little niche sports magazine on the planet. Not to mention Popular Science Magazine. And now Inc. Magazine? What's next...Moon Shot Monthly?"

- American Road Cycling to itself

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