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This Will Change Everything
- Bob Fugett 05/26/05

I have been called: The Lance Armstrong of the digital world. And no, I don't mean just cycling on computers. It is because I have mastered every type of application software, along with business operations logic, software design and communications technology in much the same way that Lance has dominated the Tour de France. I have no peers here. I know this is true, because people have said so who don't even know anything about computers. So take it from me when I whisper this into your ear.

I have just witnessed an unauthorized clandestine demonstration of a certain computer program ( just shy of being complete) which is in development by a certain unnamed big muckity muck in the cycling industry, and I swear it is one of the sweetest assemblages of bits, bytes and slick logic that I have ever seen, and I have seen (and used) them all.

This thing is going to change everything you know about cycling. Remember you heard it here first, and as soon as I am free to talk about it, you will be the first to know.

05/31/05: After reading the previous, Frank Guarnuccio writes,

RE: This Will Change Everything

hmmm... seems the last time I heard something remotely similar, the world waited, with baited breath I might add, for the SEGWAY!

We'll have to ask him to expand on this, because the reference is way too obscure for Bob to follow. Very Dr. Art-like. It does point out why I'm not supposed to be talking about the program I saw. In any case, my apologies to everyone who actually knows what Frank is speaking about. - SlingShot

[ 06/04/05 update: Turns out the SEGWAY never had a chance anyway. Really...both wheels side by side! How does the back wheel know which way to go without being able to follow the front one? Must be a Taliban vehicle. Luckily, we have the ECU to keep a lid on such things. ]


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