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Ridgebury Prime Winner Articles
Note: Prime
is pronounced "preem"



Tales from the Hump: 03/06/05

Dan Buckley (nuclearDan)

No Ridgebury Prime Winner in this episode, but it gives a good overview of how The Hump ride goes.

This stuff used to get reported by SlingShot, but when the Taliban took over the local bike club, he got tossed for profanity and non-payment of dues, so he started his own fucking organization. Then he found somebody who could ride with the front group, who could also read and writeórare commodities among those knuckle dragging, low-browed, grunting-fast assholes. In any case, the people mentioned below are going to be real pissed-off that their training secrets are being revealed here...but I don't give a rats ass. -Bob Fugett (formerly: SlingShot)


Hi Bob:

That web site gets funnier by the second.

It was 23 degrees for the Hump on Saturday. I normally
wouldn't go out on the bike below 25 but I am going
nuts riding indoors. Only 3 people were there.
Donovan, Mike the "Tri Guy" and myself. There were 2
"B" riders with Mt. bikesóbut they don't count.

Donovan was racing at Bethel on Sunday so he went easy.
Fast Jimmy showed up from the other direction at the top of
Dog Hill and joined us. He had no mercy. I can see the need
to do more outdoor riding. It's not the same on the trainer.

Close to the Jolly Onion we passed Humberto, Doug and
someone else I couldn't make out, going in the other

Later on Saturday, I was in my car and saw Kevin Haley
riding alone on Rt. 94. Rumor has it, he has a coach
and is very serious about following his instructions.
Not riding with a group is one of them. Focusing on
YOUR training and NOT falling into the groups agenda
is important.

As for me. I can't help myself.* You know what it's
like. Just ask the "Bike Bitch".

BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! The weather here sucks.


* Dan is making reference to the long standing wish of everybody who rides with him to bind him with blinders, so he doesn't go off chasing anything that makes the slightest wobble ahead, and in the process putting a world of hurt on all those trying to enjoy a moment in his draft. The "Bike Bitch" mentioned is Mary Endico, SlingShot's wife, who immediately began riding with a little "Bitch" license plate in protest when SlingShot got canned for calling Sharon Giannino "The Spin Bitch." Mary was especially aggravated as a result of having been there when Bob specifically asked Sharon if she might prefer "Spin Witch," but she chose "Bitch" with an evil twinkle in her eye. Apparently, the fast and furious are understood only by the fast and the furious.


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