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POST HUMP 05/12/07

We got your athletes, right here!

Your left, your right, your left, right...wait a minute. I'm confused again.
Give me your cell number, and I'll phone you. Really.
No..."Douchebag" is just what my mother used to call me.
No, really I don't care. Line it up. I'll kick your asses single file, or all at once. Your choice.
Don't you see it? A fuzzy little bunny rabbit. Right over there.
No, dude. I don't see it. Wow. My shirt keeps changing colors. I am hammered.
Ok... Paul got you a brain and Glen a heart. Maybe he can get me some ruby climbing slippers.
Oh, no! Do I see a bear coming?
Lots and lots of reps. Molson 48 oz.
Look, I know you're going to pants me anyway. I'd like to see my legs look as good as they are for a change, instead of that crappy shit you always draw.


All photos by: Mary Endico

Many more people were on the ride, but these photos
were chosen based on: Mary got lucky!


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