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The Trump

Nothin' to report here really, you all know the story. It's not the Hump. Not really the Rump. Not even the Jump. So, since it's one of the Tampa area's fastest rides, SlingShot is calling it the Trump.

Often there's lots more riders, but VIDEO #1 shows part of the Saint Petersburg Bicycle Club cresting the bridge coming into Fort De Soto Park, FL, at almost the exact same moment as the people you know are on Ridgebury in NY, and under the exact same circumstances.

You will therefore not be surprised as you notice the only sound is the growling of chains. Lots of concentration being passed around.

VIDEO #2 shows the same group about a half hour later, deep into the Florida Alps, as they like to call the park, due to the incessant gale force winds.

In the second video the riders are on the turn-around at the East Beach, so they have just finished a 3 mile pull into the wind, and are hoping the 360 peninsular switchback doesn't keep the wind in their faces for the whole circle, as it so often can.

In any case, it is a momentary break, some of the chatter you can almost make out is, "Look we are going to be on film!"

"It must be porno," which is a reference to this week's big local story about how an old timey pirate ship, docked as an historic site and prime tourist attraction, was used in a big budget film. The filming was completed with the full approval of the local powers, who later found out it was to become pornography once in the editing room. A big scandal and fair game chatter for riders like the competitive endorphin-heads shown here.

You already know these people, or rather, you know riders just exactly like them.

They even do NOT have a Kevin Haley, or at least they aren't allowed to mention him if they do.

When American Road Cycling got all packed up after the last video, it found itself behind the riders on their way out of the park. The Black Widow got all excited and exclaimed, "Look at them. They sure are going slow this week. We should have come out to ride with them. Look, there's several women riders."

So SlingShot flatly said, "Hmm...lets pace the truck behind them and see just how slow they're going."

At 29 mph the American Road Cycling pace truck was getting dropped, and at around 30 mph it was edging up on them. So you do the math, SlingShot's already done it before, usually on his bike. He likes the truck better.

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