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Dr. Art's Ham Sandwich

That puppy moves quick! I just barely caught the beast returning back into its lair. Only its pickle is visible (top right corner of the opening), but you can see it is clearly marked as roast beef. That confirms Dr. Art is once again correct. It was in fact a ham sandwich. As with most things in the wild, mimicry is the order of the day. Just as Milk Snakes like to pawn themselves off as Copperheads, ham sandwiches have no choice but to try and make you think they are the dreaded roast beef. It is an evolutionary process that has been picked up by deli's, restaurants, and fast food take-out joints for years, as they try to pretend they are actually serving food.

This ends our discussion bringing it back full circle. I hope nobody has missed the photo of the true Copperhead Snake.


Except of course, Dr. Art provided a follow-up:

I'm working on the comic at this very moment (10:00 pm EST)...I am
pleased that you have cleared up the mystery of the timber rattler. At
first glance I thought it was a ham cleared that up with
the subsequent photo. As you are probably aware, the real difficulty
associated with timber rattlers is that when cooked they supposedly
taste like chicken. This is what confused many when they saw the
sandwich...many thought it was a chicken sandwich based on that myth
alone. As an interesting aside, I was recently invited to dine out in a
fine Japanese restaurant. I received my order of sushi only to be called
out on an emergency, thus I had it packaged "to go." I brought it home
and cooked it up later. It's not bad, it sort of tastes like fish.


Hmm, Dr. Art being who (or what) he is, one would have thought he'd have commented on the brand of beef our ham sandwich above is trying to mimic.


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