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Article #17
Short Story

- SlingShot

Finally...I could see the front group just ahead. I had been chasing them for almost two miles after letting them drop me on Demarest. I'd spent the entire Wednesday ride waiting for my opportunity: drafting smart, being careful not to blow up, saving glycogen and biding my time. Now they were in my sights again, and I had something left for the end. I thought, "Get ready. This is going to be special."

I could see Twin George spinning at the front. Immediately beyond him was the final hill of the day. All I had to do was catch the group, use their draft to slingshot up along the left and take George out. I was sure I could do it, "If I can only get around him before he realizes what is happening."

Twin was about to be toast.

I checked my position, quietly changed my gearing and took off.

A moment later on a slight downhill I caught the pack. My breathing and heart rate peaked as I soared up the side of the pace line and passed almost a dozen riders. I redoubled my effort as I slammed by Twin and flew off the front. Perfect timing. He startled when I whipped by. We were already half way up the hill...exactly where it steepened, "NO WAY he can respond!"

I was going so fast that passing him felt like veering close to a mailbox on a long downhill. A little whoosh, and I saw his Lightspeed pop behind my right shoulder. I heard a light click; and, in the same instant that George's front wheel was dropping out of my periphery, a truck roared up behind. I shot a glance to the left.

No truck...just Twin George, big smile and gone, Randy on his wheel.

"My, wasn't that a short story!"



Classic Version | Safari Reader Friendly


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